Welcome to the wedding website for Katy Brinegar and Peter Privon's wedding on May 29, 2010. We are hoping any questions you have about the wedding in regards to details, logistics, etc will be answered. Enjoy and we thank you for being a part of our lives!

Katy's Experience

It all dates back to August of 1995. That is when we first met. The first day of 4th grade...

Wait, maybe that's wrong. It all dates back to 8th grade Algebra. Peter and I were 2 of 11 students taking an early morning math class at St. Mary's and carpooling back to St. Mark's afterwards. Each day two moms would drive. My mom (Kathleen) drove on Tuesdays. At the beginning of the year Peter rode in our car a couple of times, sitting next to Mark (my 2 year old brother). Soon Mark reserved that seat weekly for Peter. One time Peter, not realizing that seat was reserved for him, climbed into the other carpool car. Mark burst into tears saying, "Peta sit here?!" From then on, after Peter realized this, he and Mark bonded every week over Blues Clues sunglasses and Hotwheels cars.

So you may be wondering where I come into this picture. Well first of all, I have to admit I found their bond incredibly attractive even in 8th grade, and admittedly I had a crush. But really, I didn't come into the picture until high school when Peter and I ran in the same circle of friends. Peter always had a knack for dating my friends, and when senior prom came, I even had the perfect date for him, my friend Anna.

After high school, I attempted to organize a couple group get-togethers over bowling. Strangely the only person who could make it was Peter and I just happened to bring my brother Mark. Maybe it was serendipity or something like that, but we discovered that Notre Dame and Creighton had the same school schedules and it seemed like we always just happened to be home at the same time. We continued to go bowling over most breaks for "Mark's sake" and soon became good friends.

It wasn't until New Year's Eve of our sophomore year (2008) that Peter and I started dating. I had a party at my family's cabin with several of our high school friends. At midnight when the ball dropped something just clicked and the rest is history...

Peter's Experience

It all began one fateful day in 7th grade ... when we were switching between Ms. Sells room and heading over to Ms. Stroup's class for another painful English class. I had just gotten all my books under my arm and was waiting in line to walk out the door when Dani Long came up and said "Hey Peter! Do you like Katy?" Well being the smooth guy I was, I looked around ... stared at the ground for about 0.25 seconds, looked at her and said "I don't know" before heading off to class. Well since then I've been told we actually started going to school together in the 4th grade but I have no memories to prove that so we'll say she came into existence in 7th grade.

Now shift to 8th grade ... she had an awesome little brother who had sweet Blues Clues sunglasses and I knew I always had a seat reserved for me on the carpool back to St. Marks.

High school was an entirely different adventure. No girls existed for the first 2 years of high school (and by no girls I mean zero, zilch, nada ... unless you count the girl with the screen name of Roxy I played video games with and went on adventures slaying dragons till 1am most school nights).

Then came the infamous dating scene ... starting about Christmas time I began going out with one of Katy's good friends Amanda (formerly Jaszkowski) Lamott. We would do group movie nights with her friends and my friends and generally spend most Friday/Saturday nights awkwardly watching some lame chick flick (which yes, for the record, I love) before awkwardly exchanging goodbye hugs and leaving.

We took a break from these social dating scenes when I began to date Katy's friend/my locker buddy for the past 9 years Rachel but we resumed this social group dating when I began going out with Katy's friend Anna starting with senior Prom.

Now whats really funny is that Katy and I never really hung out much when we lived in the same state but after I headed off to Notre Dame and she went to Creighton we found that all our breaks (like every single one) lined up. We started trying to round up our old HS friends group for movies/bowling/hang outs but they dwindled so we innocently (at least I innocently ... her not so much) started just going out with her siblings Mark and Keri. We would go bowling or just head over to her house to watch a movie. We even went and grabbed ice cream sometimes. This went on for 2.5 years until New Years Eve of Junior year (2007-2008) when we started dating.

It was awkward at first because we both hated long distance relationships and both hated talking on the phone so we usually spent 5 minutes saying "Hi, how are you?" blah blah blah and generally less than 3 seconds saying goodbye. These slowly evolved into what we have now 2-3 hours on the phone every night, 7 days a week where we get cranky if we don't talk to one another. After that I guess she knew I wasn't going anywhere so we just ran from there. I visited her at Creighton and she visited me at ND and then after we graduated I went to South Carolina to work while she went back to Idaho.

It all makes sense right? Well not really but I decided to start changing that on August 29, 2009 when Katy came out for a visit to South Carolina and we went to Edisto Island for the weekend. Now I knew she loved sunsets and I knew she loved beaches so what should I do? Propose at sunset on the beach right? That works on the Pacific Ocean but the sun rises on the Atlantic Ocean so I threw her for a loop by dragging her out of bed around 5:30am and asking her to marry me while the sun was rising ...

The wedding will be held at St. Mark's Catholic Church in Boise, ID at 2:00pm on Saturday May 29, 2010. The reception will follow in Donahue Hall to include hor d'ourves, dinner, and dancing.

The following map shows important wedding locations. Please click for an interactive map for obtaining driving directions.

Where can I stay?

We have booked a block of rooms at the SpringHill Suites Marriot in Boise at a discounted rate. They have a shuttle at the airport to accomodate your arrival/departure. (see the Logistics tab for a map to the hotel) Click here to reserve rooms at the reduced rate. Please reserve before May 13th to get this discount.

We have registered at the following locations:

  1. Logistics

    1. Where can I stay?

      We have booked a block of rooms at the SpringHill Suites Marriot in Boise at a discounted rate. They have a shuttle at the airport to accomodate your arrival/departure. (see the Logistics tab for a map to the hotel) Click here to reserve rooms at the reduced rate. Please reserve before May 13th to get this discount.

    2. Where is the wedding being held?

      The wedding will be at St. Mark's Catholic Church located at 7960 Northview Street in Boise, ID.

    3. Where is the reception being held?

      The reception will be in Donahue Hall which is attached to St. Mark's Catholic Church.

  2. Wedding Day (Saturday May 29, 2010)

  3. Day After (Saturday May 30, 2010)

Please contact us with any questions at peterkatywedding@gmail.com
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